Raath International School, Behror

Chairman‘s Desk

From the Chairman‘s Desk

Mr. Balwan Singh Yadav

Balwan Singh Yadav

Dear Parents,

We all wish our children to live a better life. We want them to possess high level of competencies and potentialities so that they can courageously confront complex challenges of the future and they can contribute in formation of a noble society. Children are the assets of the nation,therefore, their fostering and upbringing in an ideal ambience where they can assimilate moral values of our scriptures and develop an ability to understand the facts analytically becomes a matter of prominent significance for all of us. In this perspective, I feel immensely glad and proud to apprise you that Raath International School is a Modern Gurukul where there is a blend of Indianisation and Westernisation i.e, here we nurture in them the traditional eternal values of India and scientific excellence of the West. Vast school campus with world class aesthetically designed infrastructure gives them a feeling of being a student of a virtual International student as it comprises all world class amenities needed to multifaceted development of personality of a child.

This is our sincere endeavour that every child gets through in his mission of life and he becomes a successful bureucrate(Engineer, Doctor, Manager or Civil Services)or an entrepreneur of the loftiest level.